Handheld based retail solution

Features: Handheld based retail application with Attached Receipt printer

Modules: Retail Point-of-sale (POS), Distribution, Inventory Management, Smart Card based Loyalty System, Account customer management, Accounts Receivable,

Technology: GPRS, Online-Offline solution, Automated Server synchronisation, Cloud ready platform. Data storage for 6 months in the handheld device with 1000 items in product catalog and 1000 transactions per day

Application Areas: Field Procurement (like Milk, etc.,) , Field Sales/Distribution Management, Route Management, Bakery management, Restaurant Sales Management, Fast food items, Retail chains.

Device Functionality:Callippus Handheld based Retail Solution

1. Authenticated Login (User Role and Admin Role)

2. Core functionality:

  1. Retail Sale
  2. Returns
  3. Price list / Inventory
  4. GRN
  5. Delivery Note
  6. Expenses
  7. Reports
  8. Server Update
  9. Exchange Rates
  10. Logout

i) Retail Sale:

a) New Sale :

  • Order entry through to order completion
  • Ability to search for items by product code, name.
  • Ability to search for customers (using customer id or using RFID card)
  • Bar code reader compatible.
  • Modify/View cart at any time during the order process
  • Ability to take indent for next day (Optional)
  • Automatic discount processing at item level, multi-line discount and order level discount
  • Automatic VAT calculation

b) Quote to Order:

  • Convert previously generated Quote to Order

c) Reprint:

  • Reprint existing bills based on given bill number

d) Reprint GRN:

  • Reprint a previous GRN based on given GRN number

e) Unblock All Items

  • Item will be blocked when generating a Quote. Items can be unblocked using this option.

ii) Returns

  • Goods can be returned at item level or Order level.
  • Returned items can be either encashed or repaired and reissued to customer
  • Lifecycle of returns process is managed in the system

iii) Price List

  • Ability to maintain multiple price lists
  • Price lists attached at customer level

iv) Inventory

  • Track current inventory levels
  • Print inventory information at item level or for all items

v) GRN

  • Goods Received from central warehouse are tracked using this menu
  • These could be new items are returns sent back to the supplier and received again

vi) Delivery Note

  • A delivery note is generated when goods are sent out of the outlet (Ex: A returned item).

vii) Expenses

  • Daily expenses are tracked using this menu item.

viii) BOD & EOD

  • Initial cash at the beginning of the day (BOD)
  • EOD Process – Cash in Hand, Amount banked, etc.,

ix) Reports

  • Z-Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Report

x) Server Update ( Updating central server through GPRS or LAN)

Update Orders: Sale orders gets updated in the server

Update Z-report: Z- Report gets updated in the server

Product Catalog: Product Catalog get updated from the server

Get Pricelist: Request for getting updated price list information from server. Price list includes discounts at item level, multi-line discount and taxation information.

Get Customers: Update customer information. (Request for getting customer information from Server)

Get Deliveries: We can get all the updated dispatches from the server. (Including transit bills)

Auto Update: Automatic update from Device to Server as well as Server to Device. (Like pricelist, orders, z-report, product catalog etc.,)

xi) Exchange Rates : Maintain exchange rates

xii) Logout: Logout from the current user.

Server Application Functionality:

  1. Maintain Retail outlet/Sales Agent information
  2. Maintain Product Master data
  3. Maintain Customer Master data
  4. Maintain employee Master data
  5. Setup price list
  6. Configure multiple discounts
  7. Configure taxes
  8. Manage returns
  9. Maintain Inventory
  10. Monitor Sales invoices/delivery notes.
  11. Reports



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